About Us

If you are looking for a company with colorful professional background with high achievements in the cleaning industry, Monster Cleaning Surbiton is the choice for you. We offer various cleaning services which are top quality and at affordable prices. As a result of the postie feedback and constructive advises we have managed to become one of the prime leaders on the cleaning market. We follow the latest trends and requirements in the branch to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Monster Cleaning Surbiton specializes in both domestic and commercial clean ups with great final outcomes.

All of our employees are highly trained and very motivated to accomplish and satisfy all of our customer’s standards and requirements. Our cleaners are trustworthy, reliable and very responsible,  with all the permissions to work legally in the country. The company management sets up various trainings and seminars which are work related, and help our skillful operative to develop new cleaning techniques and improve their services. Our full informed and competent office representatives will prepare individual quotation, based on your needs and requirements for free of charge and you will not be obligated by it. They will lead you through the booking process and will answer all of your questions promptly.

Our schedule becomes more flexible every day, because now we work seven days a week, including holidays, to help out more customers. We hire and train new cleaner to satisfies the market demand. There are no additional charges for booking a service on weekend days. Our available slots are in the morning and in the afternoon.

As a specialized company we cannot allow mistakes to slip in by using old machinery, that is why we invest only in brand new and powerful equipment and strong but bio friendly and carbon free cleaning chemicals.

Our prices are turn to be one of the most affordable and competitive on the market, because we work efficient and we do not allow unnecessary expenses to be made. We do not charge additional for using our equipment and detergents, but include it in the final price.

Thank you for being a part of our great family! Do not hesitate to contact us at your first availability via phone or email.

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