After Builders Cleaning

At Monster Cleaning Surbiton, we are ready to lend you a hand with your after-builders cleaning duties. We are licensed and experienced service providers, and we have the necessary knowledge, tools and workforce to carry out easily your sanitation project without any complications and costly delays, regardless of its magnitude and complexity. Our primary goal is to meet the demands of our customers and cover all their needs to the smallest details. A large portion of our clientele comprises of repeat customers and we believe that this simple fact speaks in volumes about our professionalism, competence and proficiency.

We use only the best cleaning machines, which is why we are able to handle perfectly the logistics of even the most laborious and demanding post-construction sanitation jobs.  We have at our disposal, state of the art box sweepers, commercial vacuums, jet washers, scrubbing machines and steam cleaners that permit us to effectively remove paint stains, plaster residue, timber leftovers, wood varnish spots, glue build-ups and etc. Our sanitation technicians are seasoned and skilled professionals, who will give a 110% effort to provide you the best possible services. Moreover, they are always ready to walk the extra mile and work round the clock in order to complete an after-builders cleaning project in the area.

Cost effective post-construction and deep sanitation options

We also offer deep cleaning services, which means that we have the needed resources to carry our more complex sanitation jobs. To us it doesn’t matter whether we have to clean interior or exterior property features, as we can execute both types of projects with flying colours. The best thing about our deep sanitation options is that they are affordable and therefore will easily fit into your budget. The same applies to our Surbiton based after-builders cleaning services as they commence at £15 per cleaner per hour for private customers and £16 per cleaner per hour for business clients.

To our knowledge, we are the favourite contractors of the local community and we believe that this is because of our:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Lucrative package deals
  • Green and non-hazardous detergents
  • Transparent methods of work
  • Round the clock availability

You can easily and rapidly contact us as we have a 24/7 support centre. Our customers consultants are cooperative professionals that will answer to all your questions, provide you additional information about our Surbiton coverage and of course gather information about our sanitation jobs, so that they can form and send you your personalised, free and final quotation.

Book us for your sanitation job

Our cleaning options can be hired by telephone or e-mail. You can also opt to fill-in the user-friendly online booking form that we have provided on our website. Don’t forget to explore our site as it contains detailed information about the remainder of our sanitation services we offer in the Surbiton area.

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